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Ad Astra Driver

My Roles
Level Design, Programmer, Producer, Sound

Ad Astra Driver is a VR + Motion Chair game about driving a motorcycle in both the Pittsburgh city and the universe

Project Description


In Ad Astra Driver, the player drives a motorcycle in both the Pittsburgh city and the universe, and immersively enjoys:

1. the futurastic environment design, visual effects, and sounds/musics with Meta headset.

2. the speeding up feeling provided by the motion chair.

Design Target

Festival (required) - designed a novel game experience for players to enjoy during the game exhibition festival

Core Game Mechanics

Accelerating! - Holding the trigger on control panel to accelerate the motorcycle.

Boosting! - Driving a specific distance to charge for boosting, which allows the motorcycle to keep in a super fast speed in a short period of time.

Strong Feedback! - The motion chair will provide feedbacks based on players' control, and the sound effects of motorcycle will change based on speed.

Racing! - There will be a rank list at the end of the game to record how long the player spent to complete this game, and the rank of the player.

Avoiding! - There will be obstacles on the racing path which decelerate the motorcycle and reduce the boost energy to 0, and the player needs to avoid the collision to drive as fast as possible.

My Roles

Responsible for designing:

Game level, adjustment of control feeling, sounds and music.

Responsible for developing:

Sound Manager related functions that:

  • play sound effects and musics

  • dynamically adjust loop motorcyle sound with the speed change.

Tech Implementation

Meta Quest Pro: for VR visualization

Egg Motion Chair: for providing strong feedback based on players' control

Project Gallery

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