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AR Drone

My Roles
Programmer, Sound

AR Drone is a project target in researching AR gaming experience with DRONE

Project Description


The original idea of combining AR game with drone was inspired by Nintendo’s game Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, which is about driving kart in real environment but with AR effects around


At beginning, we researched on two AR SDKs: ARCore and Vuforia to test which best meets our needs.

During process, we figured out that virtual objects tend to be drifting, because geolocation precision wasn’t accurate and stable. Therefore, we chose Vuforia, since physical markers can bind the geolocation of drone and assets.


We also researched several drones at the start of project. Our initial plan was to use the DJI Avata with its unique stick controller and FPV goggles. Due to the lack of public SDK, we finally chose a different model - DJI Tello, for its open-source Unity template.

My Roles

Responsible for researching AR SDKs and developing gameplay related functions.


  • researching Vuforia functions

  • developing drone functions like shooting

  • designing and developing monster spawner and AI


  • designing sound effects and BGM for the experience

Tech Implementation

In this project, we use Unity to support our main gameplay, and use Vuforia to support the AR functions.

Project Gallery

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