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Neon Noir

My Roles
Programmer, Gameplay Design, Producer

"Neon Noir is a Murder Mystery, Narrative-focused, social, and hybrid experience for mobile and PC."

Project Description


One computer as the host, and 6 players each have a phone for personal use.

  • Introduction Phase: Introduce world settings to players, and players then select characters, read their character background stories, and introduce themselves to each other.

  • Investigation Phase: Players click on phones to move and investigate in different areas to search for clues and puzzles.

  • Disucssion Phase: Players discuss the clues they collected and solve puzzles together to unlock clues and new areas.

  • Accusation Phase: After several rounds of investigation and discussion phases, players accuse one of the fellow players as the murder, and get corresponding ending based on whether they get the correct answer or not.

My Roles

Responsible for designing and developing core game logic, including multiplayer investigation and bag systems.

Investigation Related mechanics:

  1. Gather clues and puzzles in each memory.

  2. Teleporting between different memories.

Discussion Related mechanics:

  1. Bag System

    1. Bag system to save clues and puzzles.

    2. Function that allow players to view clues and interact with puzzles.

    3. Puzzle transfer function that allow players to send puzzles between each other.

  2. Detective Board

    1. Share selected clue to the detective board

    2. Hover to open detailed clue infos

Tech Implementation

Use Unity as the platform with Photon Pun plugin to implement multiplayer gameplay, and ue WebGL as web-based experience support.

Project Gallery

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